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    taking shape at the National Data Service.
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    These new platforms allow the NDS community to try out new
    tools and explore new ideas for sharing data as we prototype
    key NDS capabilities.
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  • Materials Data Facility
    This NDS Pilot Project will point the way for data science
    in the 21st century when material scientists can publish
    their data—large or small—in a scalable repository
    that can be linked to associated literature.
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    NDS is looking for requests for comments
    on its vision and charter.
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The National Data Service (NDS) is an emerging vision for how scientists and researchers across all disciplines can find, reuse, and publish data. It builds on the data archiving and sharing efforts already underway within specific communities and links them together with a common set of tools designed around the following capabilities:


The NDS will allow users to easily search for data across disciplinary boundaries. As users hone in on data of interest, they can easily switch to discipline-specific tools.


The NDS will connect users to tools for building and sharing collections of data. It will help users find and deliver data to the best repository for data-publishing.


The NDS will create robust connections between data and published articles. When researchers reference an article, they have ready access to the underlying data.


The NDS will not only provide access to data for download, it will provide tools for transferring data to processing platforms or allow analysis to be attached to the data.

Early look at NDS Labs, MDF shown at SC14

Attendees at Supercomputing 14 in New Orleans are getting a sneak-peek at two NDS projects, NDS Labs and the Materials Data Facility.

NDS Labs supports development of new data sharing tools

To accelerate the advancement of a national infrastructure for data sharing and publishing, the National Data Services (NDS) Consortium is creating a virtual laboratory called NDS Labs.

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3rd National Data Service Consortium Workshop

The 3rd National Data Service Consortium Workshop will be March 25-27 in Austin, Texas where we'll be featuring a Pilot Project day and formalizing the NDS Consortium governance.

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Join the Consortium

A broad assembly of data providers, data aggregators, community-specific federations, academic libraries, publishers, and cyberinfrastructure providers has come together to guide the development and operation of the NDS. Membership is open to all interested projects and organizations.

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