EarthCube Building Blocks now in NDS Labs Workbench

In collaboration with the NSF EarthCube program , the National Data Service unveiled at this year's EarthCube All Hands Meeting an EarthCube-specific Labs Workbench instance to house the communities past and current rounds of building blocks. Based on the NDS Labs Workbench framework, the workbench serves as a natural place to preserve, showcase, and use the EarthCube's Building Blocks, serving as an "App store" for finding, running, and working against these developed tools and services.

Geoscientists will be able to use this to more easily find and use these tools and services for efforts such as providing broad access to data collected, to demonstrate reproducibility of results, and/or to share analysis methods (e.g. using replayable Jupyter notebooks). By pointing and clicking in the Workbench interface, a scientist can launch CHORDS , GeoDeepDive , GeoWS , or SuaVE . This automatically includes the dependencies for each, such as MySQL and InfluxDB required for CHORDS to run or MongoDB required for SuaVE.

The demonstration instance shown at the EarthCube All Hands Meeting can be seen on the NDS YouTube channel . For those interested in learning more about the NDS Labs Workbench please visit the links below:

  • 8/31/2017
image of EarthCube Building Blocks homepage

NDS Labs Workbench website for EarthCube Building Blocks

image of EarthCube Building Blocks catalog

NDS custom catalog for EarthCube Building Blocks and required dependencies