NDS Share: A Testing Ground for Users

NDS Share is a gateway to a number of community tools that are useful as part of an NDS ecosystem; we make them available to friendly users as a way of understanding their role. Whether it is a private data sharing platform, a cross-disciplinary data publication app, or a special data collection customized for a particular community, these are tools and examples that we think will be important for defining how research is done using national data infrastructure and software that interoperates.

NDS Share resources are not intended to be toys or just examples; they are intended to provide real value to researchers. However, because many of the tools will be experimental or in a beta state, NDS Share is focused primarily on serving friendly users—users that understand that they are trying something new and are willing to share their feedback to make the tools better. Some of the resources made available will be tools and services that were developed in our NDS Labs.

Visit the NDS Share Portal (coming soon)

How to access NDS Share resources

You can access NDS Share tools by visiting the NDS Share portal, which list the latest set of applications that are available. To use a particular application, you may need to create a login account. You may also be asked in the future, in some cases, to complete an evaluation of the tool.

While the management of the different underlying resources (such as storage) vary from app to app, in general, storage and user state are not guaranteed, reflecting their experimental nature. Users are advised to provide alternative back-up for any data shared publicly or privately. Publishing services will provide access to data in its store for at least three years.