NDS Consortium

The National Data Service (NDS), as a US initiative and an operational entity, is conceived to be community-driven. The NDS Consortium is a coalition of individuals and organizations who collaborate to guide the development and operation of the NDS. Interested stakeholders are invited to join in forming the Consortium.

Currently, the Consortium is operating under an interim governance structure as we refine our organizational vision and charter through the RFC process. Guiding this process is an Interim Steering Committee.

Who May Join?

It is intended that the Consortium membership will be composed of stake-holding organizations who are prepared to contribute to the planning of the NDS framework and take an active role in supporting it.

We expect members will fall into one of the following categories:

Interested individuals from a stake-holding organization:
Individuals with a strong interest in engaging in the NDS launch process, but who are not prepared to speak on behalf of their organization.

Interested, stake-holding organizations:
Organizations with a strong interest in engaging in the NDS launch process, but who are not prepared to signal their intent to serve as charter members.

Consortium launch members:
Organizations who intend to serve as charter members in the launch of the NDS.

How Do I Join?

As formal procedures for the Consortium are still in development, the process to "join" is currently informal. If you fall into one of the above participant categories, we invite to do to the following:

  1. Read the Consortium Launch Guidelines
  2. Send us an email via info@nationaldataservice.org; tell us:
    • what organization you are part of and what your interest is
    • request an invitation to the next NDS Workshop
  3. Save the dates for the next NDS Workshop and watch this site for information.
  4. Join one or more of our email lists and join the discussion.

Current Activities

Requests for Comments

We are currently soliciting comments on draft documents describing our vision and charter . Consult the RFC page for links to the latest documents, instructions for providing feedback, and the current status of document revisions.

Now accepting nominations to the NDSC Steering Committee

You can send your nominations for the NDS Consortium Steering Committee in an email to info@nationaldataservice.org. See the announcement for details. You can participate in the election if you are subscribed to our nds-announce mailing list.