About the National Data Service

The National Data Service is an emerging vision of how scientists and researchers across all disciplines can find, reuse, and publish data. It is an international federation of data providers, data aggregators, community-specific federations, publishers, and cyberinfrastructure providers. It builds on the data archiving and sharing efforts under way within specific communities and links them together with a common set of tools.

In the United States, we seek to assemble a national infrastructure of distributed storage, production services, and a framework that connects together the rich array of repositories, tools, and other resources from many domains and communities; this is operational system is what we call the National Data Service. The design, construction, and operation of system is to be community-driven through the National Data Service Consortium. Our international partners, particularly the Research Data Alliance , will help us to ensure transparent access data from around the world.

The NDS Vision

The details of modern research are increasingly being driven by digital data. Unfortunately, much of our research infrastructure, from the tools we use to the way we publish results, have not kept up. To understand why we need a national infrastructure for research data and how we might bring that about, read about our vision for the National Data Service as well as what it will do for researchers.

The NDS Today

Find out more about what's happening today in the NDS:

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For more about the vision for the NDS and the Consortium, read our white paper, The National Data Service: a vision for accelerating discovery through data sharing .