The NDS consortium provides access to a number of high-impact research datasets and repositories serving multiple disciplines. Many of these datasets are too large to fit in traditional models of research data access and discovery and must be access "in-place." NDS is working to streamline access to these and similar datasets through the vision of a DataDNS service.

Featured Datasets

MHD Turbulence in Core-Collapse Supernovae

A series of snapshots in time from four ultra-high resolution 3D magnetohydrodynamic simulations of rapidly rotating stellar core-collapse. The simulations were run on the Blue Waters supercomputer using the Einstein Toolkit. Dataset size: 201 TB.


This dataset is currently available via Globus and Swift object storage at SDSC Cloud . Data DOI: .


Mösta, Phillip; Ott, Christian D.; Radice, David; Roberts, Luke F.; Schnetter, Erik; Haas, Roland, "A large-scale dynamo and magnetoturbulence in rapidly rottating core-collapse supernovae," 2015, .

National Bridge Inventory (NBI)

In collaboration with the Midwest Big Data Hub (MBDH) and researchers at the University of Nebraska, Omaha , NDS is hosting an instance of the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) dataset stored in a Mongo database for active analysis along with Jupyter notebooks demonstrating sample analysis. The NBI database widely used for bridge health and safey research.


The NBI database and Jupyter environment are available via the Labs Workbench service.

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TERRA Phenotyping Reference Platform (TERRA-REF)

The ARPA-E TERRA-REF project provides researchers with access to the reference phenotyping data and analytics resources using a high performance computing environment. The reference phenotyping data includes direct measurements and sensor observations, derived plant phenotypes, and genetic and genomic data. The data storage and compute pipeline are hosted on the ROGER system at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). The complete reference dataset is expected to be >2 PB.


The TERRA-REF data is hosted on the ROGER system and available via Globus , Sensor Data Portal , and the Analysis Workbench.

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Renaissance Simulations

The results of the Renaissance Simulations, a suite of extremely high-resolution and physics-rich AMR calculations of high-redshift galaxy formation performed on the Blue Waters supercomputer using the Enzo toolkit. Dataset size: 90 TB.


Data is avaiable via the Renaissance Simulations Laboratory and Swift object storage via SDSC Cloud .


Norman, B. W. O. and J. H. W. and H. X. and M. L. (2015). "Probing the Ultraviolet Luminosity Function of the Earliest Galaxies with the Renaissance Simulations." The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 807(1), L12.

Dark Sky Simulations

The cosmological N-body simulation designed to provide a quantitative and accessible model of the evolution of the large-scale Universe. Dataset size: 36 TB.


Data is avaiable via yt.Hub .

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Warren, M. S., Friedland, A., Holz, D. E., Skillman, S. W., Sutter, P. M., Turk, M. J., & Wechsler, R. H. (2014). "Dark Sky Simulations Collaboration." Zenodo.

CARMA Archive

The Combined Array for Research in Millimeter Astronomy (CARMA) archive contains contain visibility data in custom binary formats, images in the standard FITS format, and auxiliary data in XML and ASCII text-file format. Dataset size: 43 TB.


NDS is in the process of providing access to the datasets via Globus.

Featured Repositories

Materials Data Facility

The Materials Data Facility (MDF) provides access to research data for the materials science community.


MDF data is available via Globus and the MDF repository .

Sustainable Environment through Actionable Data (SEAD)

Following the completion of NSF funding in June 2017, NDS continues to provide access to the SEAD data and tools.


SEAD data is available via SEAD repository .