The NDS Consortium is sponsoring a variety of projects intended to help build the NDS community and prototype the NDS infrastructure. In particular, these projects aim to:

  • understand the necessary components of an NDS ecosystem and the framework that can tie it together,
  • engage community stakeholders in practical activities addressing data issues of most interest,
  • cultivate an open community of developers to create the NDS framework, and
  • build demonstrations and prototypes of NDS capabilities as a basis for securing project funding,

Currently, we are sponsoring a variety of different types of projects.

Pilot Projects

Pilot projects are specifically formed to explore and prototype some needed capability of the NDS. Typically, these projects originate from project development during NDS Consortium Workshops and ideally bring together stakeholders from different projects and institutions. These projects can be short-lived (and some may make use of NDS Labs). An important value of these projects is as demonstrators for proposing new funding. See the latest list of pilot projects for more information.

The Materials Data Facility

The Materials Data Facility (MDF) is key pilot project that is intended to be a prototype of a generic NDS publishing portal. At same time, the MDF is intended to deliver real value to material scientists, most notably, giving them a place to publish their materials science data.

NDS Labs

NDS Labs is an environment where developers can prototype tools and capabilities that help build out the NDS framework and services. In particular, it is a place that can host the development activities of NDS pilot projects. Users of this environment have access to significant storage, machines that can run services, and a variety of useful data management and manipulation tools (e.g. databases, storage management systems, repository applications, etc.). Consult the NDS Labs information page for details on getting access, or proceed directly to the NDS Labs Portal.

NDS Share

NDS Share is a gateway to a number of community tools that are useful as part of an NDS ecosystem; we make them available to friendly users as a way of understanding their role. In particular, tools and resources developed inside NDS Labs can be migrated to NDS Share for testing with real users. The NDS Share Portal lists current set of available resources.