NDS Labs supports development of new data sharing tools

To accelerate the advancement of a national infrastructure for data sharing and publishing, the National Data Services (NDS) Consortium is creating a virtual laboratory called NDS Labs. Through this lab, the NDS hopes to attract developers to help create innovative software tools and infrastructure for sharing and publishing research data.

NDS is an emerging vision for a national infrastructure that will allow scientists and researchers across all disciplines to find, reuse, and publish data. The NDS Consortium is a broad assembly of scientists, data providers, community federations, national labs and projects, academic publishers, and cyberinfrastructure providers. NDS seeks to build on the data archiving and sharing efforts already under way within specific communities and disciplines and links them with a common set of tools.

NDS Labs is a key way the consortium hopes to assemble those tools. When NDS Labs launches in January 2015, developers will be able to access various development spaces and substantial storage, virtual machines, and common data-management software. Collaboration tools will help the developers share their ideas, progress, and software with the consortium and the broader community.

At SC14, the international conference for high-performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis to be held in New Orleans Nov. 16-21, some of the technologies supporting NDS Labs will be demonstrated at the booth of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (#1621) at the following times:

  • 3-4pm Tuesday, Nov. 18
  • 10-11am Wednesday, Nov. 19
  • 1:30-3pm Wednesday, Nov. 19

NDS Labs initially is being developed and operated by NDS Consortium partners NCSA, the San Diego Supercomputer Center, the Texas Advanced Computing Center, and the Globus Group.

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Assistant Director for Public Affairs
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
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  • 11/13/2014