Resources coming to NDS Labs and NDS Share

Hi folks,

Since the NDS workshop, there's been a lot of activity pulling 
together the NDS Labs environment we discussed at the workshop.  As a 
reminder, NDS Labs is a developer's environment that is being made 
available to consortium collaborators to explore, build, and 
demonstrate important capabilities needed by the NDS.  In this 
environment, developers will have access to significant storage, cloud 
computing, and common data software tools ready to use or modify.  We 
hope and expect that many of the capabilities created in NDS Labs will 
be of immediate use to researchers today; for these products, we 
expect to migrate them to NDS Share, a platform for hosting data 
applications and services, where we can expose them to friendly users.

Recently, we had a telecon of the supercomputing consortium partners 
to discuss what resources we can make available in this environment.  
To give you a sense of what's coming, I'm sharing my notes from that 
meeting below.  

I'll note that we're looking to do an initial roll-out of NDS Labs 
roughly around February 1.  Interested folks will find via the Labs 
portal information on how to get access and what the environment 
currently looks like.  Note, however, it won't be a complete solution, 
and I hope to interest consortium partners in not only using the 
environment, but also in helping us expand it.  In particular, if your 
organization is interested in making resources available, we would 
love to hear from you.  Alternatively, as a developer, you may have 
ideas about software or capabilities that would be useful to have.

In other words, we're keen to get the discussion going again.  I 
believe Matt is going to follow-up with a summary of what we expect to 
have upon "opening day" and some of the directions we're going.  For 
now, have a look at my notes, particularly in the 2nd half for the 
list of resources we are hoping to bring to NDS Labs.

Ray Plante

Here are my notes from our call on Friday where we discussed resources 
to be included in NDS Labs and Share.  The main purpose was to take a 
census of the resources we would like to include both near- and 
long-term.  I also reviewed the goals of Labs and Share and answered 
policy-type questions.  Technical questions and problem-solving were 
deferred to our follow-up call in January when Matt could attend.  

Some of the high points from the policy related discussion:
  o  We recognize that support for resources is coming out of the 
     margins of existing projects; thus, we'll need to do our best to 
     accommadate the constraints and limits this may present in terms 
     of integration, support, and schedule
  o  It is assumed that access to resources will be subject to local 
     security policies.
  o  NDS Labs targeted to developers from the consortium interested in 
     developing some component or demonstration of NDS capabilities.  
     While the consortium is broadly inclusive (no membership cards 
     required) and the barrier to access should be low, the bargain is 
     that the development is intended to bring back value to the 
  o  There should also be a value proposition for the 
     developers--something that they get out of it.  Often this will 
     be in the form of real value/capability made available to a 
     community (via Share).  In other cases it will be support for 
     development that is also of local interest.  
  o  We envision that potential users will submit a short application, 
     proposing their project and listing the resources they would like 
     access to.  A visit to the Labs web site will show a list of 
     resources available.  
  o  We see 3 levels of integration possible.  
     1)  At the lowest end, itegration is limited to being listed in 
         the Labs list of resources:  the resource may available only 
         through its host site, and Labs provides a link to its access 
     2)  Labs can leverage the federation capabilities built into a 
         particular resource that is available at multiple sites.  
         Examples include:
           o  support for a Globus endpoint
	   o  IRODS federation: the ability to access other IRODS 
               storage at other sites
           o  SciDrive instances that can transfer from other 
     3)  At the highest level of integration, other openstack clusters 
         can support the "Labs Infrastructure" based on Docker 
         containers and re-use either stock Labs containers or new 
         ones produced by projects.  
  o  NDS Share is targeted to "friendly users" in which we invited 
     end-users to use deployed instances of various applications, 
     including ones developed in Labs, to understand how users make 
     use of them and where their particular strengths are.  
  o  Visitors to the Share web site will see a menu of applications of 
     available for use.  
  o  Share will also be supported by the Labs Infrastructure.  That 
     is, most of the services made available will run in Docker 

Here's what resources we recorded that could be made available via 
Labs and Share.  Do let me know of corrections or if I've missed 
something.  For the items below, those marked with * are resources 
that can be made available more or less now (as personnel resources 

  *  Rodeo, an openstack cloud platform
  o  1 PB filesystem (old; not clear how much and for how long)
  o  Wrangler - cluster optimized for high through-put data analytics, 
     10 PB repository, distributed between Indiana and TACC.  (Now
     under assembly)
  o  Chameleon - cloud compute

  *  Portion of 100TB replicated Lustre filesystem, accessible via 
     Globus Share.  An XSEDE resource which SDSC has discretionary 
     access that could be provided for NDS.  
  *  Portion of 100TB openstack Cloud storage accessible via Swift 
     web service and SciDrive
  *  Gordon, an XSEDE resource; allocations could be made available 
     from discretionary time.  (Example of lowest integration level.)
  o  Comet -- virtual cloud resource, in works on June-ish time-scale
  o  openstack compute cluster (February-ish)

  *  Portion of storage condo
  *  ISL openstack compute cluster
  o  Production openstack compute cluster (available late-winter?)

BTW, Is this something we should share on the NDS discuss list?  


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